Inter Design Construct Services


One of the most important steps in completing a design project is the execution part. Inter Design does this successfully by using the newest and most performant techniques and equipment. The experience, seriousness and professionalism of the Inter Design team ensures the completion in time of the design project.

The services Inter Design offers are presented as listed below:

Interior design and installing services:

  • flooring (laminate, tarchet, carpet, ceramic tiles);
  • partition walls made of drywall, Plex, Faaywalls, glass;
  • ceilings with bays, drywall or industrial;
  • melamine fibreboard, MDF, wood furniture;
  • metal furniture for check-outs;
  • customers guidance systems;
  • security and access control systems;
  • video surveillance systems;
  • air tube transportation systems.

Designing/ complete restructuring of various types of departments within a store:

  • food (e.g. fresh, frozen/ chilled, semi-preserved products), non-food (e.g. household appliances, maintenance, hygiene and household items) and check-out areas, information, security, etc.
  • bedroom, bathroom, sofa-bed, cooking, textiles, lightning, kitchen, carpets, children, etc.

Our team work is built of:

  • Project managers – specialized in project management;
  • Team leaders – specialized in the management of work sites;
  • Backup team – made up of skilled designers and project managers;
  • Skilled Trades – organized for each type of activity carried out in the facilities.

Our teams are trained both in Romania and abroad using the latest and most advanced technologies of work and are equipped with high-performance tools and equipment.