Sisteme de pereti mobili Attaca

ATTACA mobile wall systems

Do you have a limited space and you need to use it in different ways? Divide it by yourself, just in 5 minutes…. with the Mobile Wall Systems from Attaca!

The utility of the Mobile Wall Systems

The Mobile Wall System from Attaca, distributed in Romania by Inter Design Company, is used to divide a larger space in two or more independent spaces.

What is remarkable, regarding the mobile walls, is that using those systems a single space can be arranged to be used in more than one activity. The „mobility” of this solution offers the possibility to organize more events, meetings or conferences. One of the most important things to be mentioned is that only one person can easily make the arrangements.

The Mobile Wall has all the specifications of a classic wall: sound insulation (36-53dB), shock resistance, fire resistance, the possibility to include doors and windows, different finishes, etc.

To choose the right solution from Attaca, it is necessary to know all the details regarding the utility of the space: how often will the walls be required to open and close? What will be happening on either side of the wall? The walls will only separate the space visually or special sound insulation is required?

Contact Inter Design Company and you will have the perfect Attaca solution for your space!

  • The mobile walls are designed as independent panels, which are easily moved by only one person;
  • The Sliding walls are moveable wall systems and the techniques used in their manufacture makes them perform easy, flawlessly for a very long period of time;
  • The finishes of the moveable walls can be various and fit to your space design. The client can choose between melamine, veneer or textiles. Other options include velvet, cork or felt, or frames where paintings, drawings or other artwork could be inserted. Any finish can be applied to one or more individual panels, whether in panel walls or folding or sliding walls.